Under Pompeo, a foreign policy that fits the President's worldview

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Marzo 14, 2018

Scaramucci's hiring prompted press secretary Sean Spicer to quit after a six-month run that included a string of public slights by Trump, including the president excluding the devout Roman Catholic from a meeting with the pope during a trip to the Vatican.

In explaining his decision to fire Tillerson, Trump said they had disagreed on many topics, but he specifically singled out one dispute: Whether or not to stay in the Iran pact. He credited the president with recognizing that Tillerson was not cut out for the job.

Current and former USA intelligence officials who have worked with Haspel praised her as an effective leader who could be expected to stand up to the pressures that Trump has often placed on spy agencies - including his denunciations of the intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election.

State Department officials told AFP that Tillerson's chief of strategy Brian Hook will be in Berlin on Thursday to meet British, French and German officials about efforts to reform the deal.

The most important currency for a diplomat is their credibility. This, by the way, is one reason that diplomats always seem so cautious and measured in their language.

He pointedly declined to thank Trump personally or praise him, as he has done on previous occasions, but emphasised his strong relationship with Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis.

Is there a possible link between Tillerson's tour of Africa and his being sacked by Trump?

Pompeo, by contrast, is in lockstep with Trump in sending Kim a clear message that, should diplomacy fail, the United States will not hesitate to act.

"I think it's fake news", Trump said of Tillerson's reported insult.

"No, I really didn't discuss it very much with him, honestly". Exit question: Uh, what the hell is this, New York Times? "Now he'll be contributing to it from a policy standpoint at the State Department". His incompetent management helped trigger an exodus of seasoned Foreign Service officers and crushed morale among the remaining diplomats.

He was woefully unprepared for the job on day one and barely moved down the learning curve. As a former top business executive, his managerial skills were thought to be his chief asset.

"But he failed to quickly pick a trusted team of leaders, left many critical departments without direction and all but paralysed crucial decision making in the department".

These are the biggest departures, starting with the most recent. "Strategic dialogues with many nations, including nuclear weapons powers like Pakistan, were ended without explanation".

Cyr noted Alexander Haig, who served as secretary of state from January 1981 until July 1982 under President Ronald Reagan, resigned after a comparably short tenure in the position. "Kissinger and Baker are two very, very successful secretaries of state, in what is not just a hard, but an impossible job". While serving in Congress, he was a critic of President Vladimir Putin.

The bureaucracy would ordinarily be wary of someone with his policy preferences.

As for the foreign policy community, well, that's a thing, because. "The president is intent on delivering this solution through diplomatic means", Pompeo told me during a recent conversation at the American Enterprise Institute.

But the State Department plays a direct and key role in climate change - not just in worldwide climate negotiations, but also in global aid and development, including choices about which energy sources developing countries should choose - so, such non-answers given as by Pompeo previously should not fly this time around.

A second, they said, is if she can help persuade Trump that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an increasingly aggressive adversary, and that failing to confront him would weaken United States relations with its closest allies and with the CIA's most valuable partners.

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