Jessie Wallace admits she was nervous bringing Kat back to Eastenders

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 18, 2018

EastEnders estranged couple Stacey and Martin Fowler end up in a passionate embrace next week as Stace seeks comfort over the death of her cousin Kat Moon - before she discovers she is actually still alive!

She was seen arriving at Stacey's house sobbing before telling her: "It's Kat, she's dead".

Meanwhile, another shock lies in store for Stacey when it emerges that Kat hasn't died after all - and when Kat steps back onto Albert Square, Mo will have some serious explaining to do!

Fans will have to wait and see whether this puts the fan favourite pair on a path to a reunion, as the Walford residents bind together next week to pay for Kat's funeral.

It has already been announced that Kat, played by Jesse Wallace, will also make her return to the soap.

But Stacey begins to smell a rat when Mo remains sketchy about how Kat died, claiming she is overwhelmed by grief to go into more detail.

EastEnders stalwart Mo Harris is poised to make her return to Walford.

Viewers watched on Friday night as Big Mo returned to Albert Square.

It will be matter of waiting for fans to see how and why Kat faked her death, and why she has chose to return home from Ireland without husband Alfie.

The scenes will air on BBC One at 8pm on March 16.

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