Keyboard Cat, an internet sensation and local celebrity, dies

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 21, 2018

23 years later, long after Fatso's death, that clip evolved into one of the internet's most iconic viral hits after Brad O'Farrell, having obtained Schmidt's permission, appended Keyboard Cat to the end of other videos. People reports that a six-minute tribute to the renowned "Keyboard Cat" was posted Friday, announcing the musically inclined feline's death on March 8 at the age of 8.

Bento was not the original Keyboard Cat.

He shared a close relationship with his cat. "If I was in the shower, he'd be on the bath mat".

There has been some confusion regarding the timeline of the video clip being released, in 2007, and the death of eight-year-old Bento, but this was clarified by The Guardian, which noted that another cat appeared in the original video clip.

I hadn't thought about Keyboard Cat in years; probably not since college, when my friends and I used to get stoned and cycle through whichever edit was now dominating the YouTube leaderboards.

Speaking about the videos, Schmidt said he chose to film them to relieve boredom, adding that he was not "aiming for anything".

And a third said: "Keyboard cat died".

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