Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ go against Apple iPhone X in drop tests

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 21, 2018

Back in November, SquareTrade conducted the same tests on the iPhone X and deemed it the "most breakable iPhone ever" as it too shattered at the front and back when dropped from a height of six feet. Both apparently survived the bent tests but cracked in a 60-second tumble test. But it's a no-brainer that such premium metal and glass design is also fragile and can crack at slightest drops.

The iPhone X actually fared worse in SquareTrade's tests and showed more extensive damage and breakage in every durability test. For those unaware, the Apple iPhone X also has the same metal + glass build. A couple of test videos have been uploaded on YouTube by SquareTrade and PhoneBuff. In the video above, the company puts the Galaxy S9 through its paces where they drop it several times to see how long it lasts before it breaks. It earned an overall breakability score of 90, much higher than the S9 and S9+. They shattered to a somewhat a lesser degree, sure, but broken is broken. The same firm tested the iPhone X previous year when it was launched. Each drop test was conducted from a height of six feet. Rs. 25,405). What's interesting is that the device is priced at at $999 (approx. Sans AppleCare+, it costs $279 to fix a damaged iPhone X display and $549 for all other repairs.

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