Baby gorilla born at National Zoo

Brunilde Fioravanti
Aprile 17, 2018

This is one of the most heartwarming animal videos you will ever see.

It turns out humans and primates have the same reaction of becoming overwhelmed with love when giving birth to a baby.

First-time mother Calaya gave birth to her son, Moke - pronounced mo-KEY - a western lowland gorilla, on Sunday at the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C.

She gave birth on her own and can be seen kissing and nursing Moke in the moments immediately following birth. Zoo officials said his name means "little one" or "junior" in Lingala, a Bantu language spoken in certain areas of the Congo.

The zoo has released a sweet video showing new mom 15-year-old Calaya, kissing and lovingly holding her baby. In a statement they noted Moke entered the work at 6.25pm EST on April 15.

In order to let mother and son bond in peace, the zoo's Great Ape House is closed to the public for the next few days. "The primate team's goal was to set Calaya up for success as best we could, given that she is a first-time mother".

"The birth of this western lowland gorilla is very special and significant, not only to our Zoo family but also to this critically endangered species as a whole", said Meredith Bastian, curator of primates.

While the new dad is taking things in stride, the other gorillas in the exhibit are thrilled to have a new addition.

Calaya became an online star after the zoo announced she was pregnant with the hashtag #GorillaStory, which will continue to be used to update followers on Moke's progress. Calaya resides in a mixed-sex gorilla troop with Baraka, an adult female named Mandara and a sub-adult female named Kibibi. Sounds like he already has a loving family unit!

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