Morrissey interview: five most controversial comments by The Smiths singer

Brunilde Fioravanti
Aprile 17, 2018

"They are just facts". Speaking to a particularly obsequious interviewer named John Riggers, Morrissey had plenty of insane things to say, and now he can't accuse a news outlet of taking those words out of context.

"They don't print what you say, and they print what you didn't say", Morrissey said. "Now, all journalists are megastars and the only aim of their interview is to express and establish their own personal views, and to hell with whatever the interviewee says".

British politics, halal meat, the monarchy: this charming man has opened us mouth again to let us know that (as he sang back in 1983) "he knows so much about these things".

'All of the attacks are non-white, and so they can not be truthfully addressed by the British government or the Met Police or the BBC because of political correctness.

On racism, he branded the construct as "meaningless" and reminded everyone that, apparently, Adolf Hitler was leftwing: 'As far as racism goes, the modern Loony Left seem to forget that Hitler was Left wing, ' proclaimed the 58-year-old proclaimed.

The How Soon Is Now singer denied accusations of racism in the chat, saying that "Hitler was left-wing", and adding: 'When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is "hmm, you actually have a point, and I don't know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we'll both forget how enlightened your comment was"'.

"It's just a way of changing the subject".

Moving on to the discussion about crime in London, Morrissey could not hold back in his freakish criticism for London Mayor Sadiq Khan: "London is debased", replied Morrissey when asked about the capital.

On the current Prime Minister, he says that, "Theresa May was always a Prime Minister uninvited".

He also criticized halal meat production, the Islamic method of animal slaughter.

"Halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of ISIS", Morrissey inaccurately charged.

Kosher practices "must be banned" as well, according to Morrissey. If you eat animals, isn't it a display of hatred for a certain species? And what gives you the right to eat another species or race?

Moz did talk about his music, saying he no longer listens to the "great but simplistic" Smiths, but that he loves his solo albums. "Would you eat people from Sri Lanka?"

Appraising Morrissey's career exclusively in terms of his time with the Smiths, he said, is "a bit like referring to David Bowie only in relation to The Laughing Gnome".

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