Google Launches Grasshopper App To Help Beginners Learn Coding

Rodiano Bonacci
Aprile 19, 2018

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Now, a team has built an app called Grasshopper that makes it easy to learn to code right from your phone.

Upon opening the app and logging into your Google account, you'll be asked whether you're new to coding or if you've coded before.

You can think of Grasshopper as an app that teaches you how to code in Javascript similar to how apps like Duolingo teach you how to learn a foreign language.

Area 120, Google in-house incubator, has released a handful of apps that make smart responses, find ways to run ads in VR, and more.

Grasshopper's courses take the form of quick lessons and games on your phone that teach adults to write real JavaScript, which is used by more than 70% of professional developers, according to Stack Overflow.

Grasshopper is aimed at helping people to get familiarized with the basics of JavaScript and core concepts through short lessons on their smartphones.

The Fundamentals - How code works, calling functions, variables, strings, for loops, arrays, conditionals, operators, objects, and how all these things work together.

Grasshopper have two more courses where coders learn to draw shapes using the D3 library, and later create more complex functions using D3.

Laura Holmes who is the brain behind the development of Grasshopper app said adults neglect he coding study presuming to be complicated and Google wanted to break such mindset and likes to act as a launch pad thus encouraging the young ones to move further in the computer field.

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