Valve Purchases Firewatch Developer Campo Santo; Current Project Will Continue

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Aprile 22, 2018

Campo Santo, the creators of the hit 2016 indie game Firewatch, announced today that it will "join Valve", where the developers will "continue production on current project, In the Valley of Gods".

They also revealed that, in a slightly unrelated move, they once stole Valve's champagne. First, we really like making video games. It happened to be engraved on an unopened bottle of champagne. So in some sense, this is a return home for us.

Whoops. Haha. Do you think Valve got their empty bottle back, at least?

It looks like Campo Santo's intriguing narrative adventure Firewatch left something of an impression on Valve.

Yes, we're still making In the Valley of Gods (as a Valve game!); yes, we'll still support Firewatch; and yes, we'll still produce The Quarterly Review and our regular blog content. Thanks so much for your interest in our games and we'll see you in Washington.

Last month, Valve president Gabe Newell stated that the company is "going to start shipping games again", after having dropped from the game development scene for the better part of seven years. It takes place in Egypt in the 1920s and follows a pair of explorers who travel to ancient ruins in the middle of the desert, hoping to make an incredible discovery. It's a practice we'd mostly assumed they'd abandoned if the Half-Life 3 jokes for the last several years were any indication.

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