Job listing promises FF7 Remake will "surpass the original"

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Aprile 24, 2018

This video shared by Info-Gamers provides a pretty good idea of just how ecstatic fans were to learn that they were finally going to get the remake they have waited so long to see.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is certainly aiming high, if new job listings are to be believed.

Each Final Fantasy game has an enormous amount of pressure on it to live up to the high standards that the series is known for, but it's hard to imagine any game in the series having as much to live up to than Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Whether the developers will be able to meet those lofty expectations remains hard to determine at this point, though it is worth noting that it is not just the fans that have high hopes for the remake.

The job listing was posted on a Japan-based careers website, and translated by Gematsu. Not only that, but it also says it will be a "new creation not limited to a simple remake".

1997. With dedicated fans and the like even now 20 years after release, it is no exaggeration to say that Final Fantasy VII, which boasts over 11 million total shipments and download sales in the worldwide market, is the masterpiece of the series loved by fans all over the world. "A project to create "a title that surpasses the original" is starting full-scale".

If one talks to any long-time "Final Fantasy" fan about what upcoming game they are most excited for, there's a good chance that many of them will respond by naming the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake.

The right person will also be in charge of designing enemies, bosses, and the game's leveling of the characters.

Construction of a workflow for location production.

It's still unclear if Square Enix plans to overhaul the battle system of the "Final Fantasy VII" remake entirely, such as the one featured in the PSX 2015 reveal.

Brainstorming level designs for each location.

Implementation of data in Unreal Engine 4. For that reason, we are continuing the recruitment of internal development staff. I am a huge FF fan and really hope they can pull it off successfully and now having even higher hopes!

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