Spotify brings on-demand listening to its free mobile app

Rodiano Bonacci
Aprile 24, 2018

Spotify has made its streaming music service more tempting to free users, with a new Spotify mobile app that it hopes will keep listeners from jumping ship to Apple Music.

Spotify says there are 90 million people use the service's free tier right now, and 60% of people who become Premium users started out on the free tier.

MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE Spotify has announced a major overhaul of its free service that will let users listen to more music on-demand.

It's also easier for free users to create their own playlists, and those playlists can be listened to in Spotify's new "low data mode", which Spotify says will reduce data consumption by as much as 75%.

Spotify made the announcement Tuesday at a press event in NY. Those playlists can be played in any order, rather than in shuffle mode.

Some of these playlists will include personalized recommendations based on user taste. Gustav Söderström, Chief Researcher & Development Officer, noted that tests of the new version of the free app have brought in more engagement and typically led to more paying users.

Carter, in his remarks, put a more finely-tuned point on it: "Our ad-supported service functions like the biggest radio station in the world", he said, noting that "10 billion times a month, listeners across both Spotify and Spotify premium stream a new artist they've never heard before". Search is for discovery, Home handles for your playlists, Library features what you like and Premium will move users to Spotify's paid tier. With the new version of Spotify's app, over a dozen popular playlists including Discover Weekly will be available for on-demand playback without shuffling.

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