Rousey: 'I did a whole lot of crying' after UFC defeats

Brunilde Fioravanti
Aprile 27, 2018

Rousey seems like she has found her calling in the world of professional wrestling, but the competitive side she has still made her feel the sting of her two UFC defeats.

"I don't believe public criticism beating you down is the right thing to do". Every missed opportunity is a blessing in disguise, ' she said according to USA Today. From the worst things, the best things have come as a result. Time is a great teacher.

Rousey has remained silent on the shocking upset to Holly Holm in 2015 that broke her unbeaten record in mixed martial arts, and the crushing beat down she suffered against Amanda Nunes a year later. Rousey had remained pretty quiet in those regards, but during a Q&A with Peter Berg, the director of Mile 22 - which Rousey is featured in, she opened up about the aftermath of those painful moments. It is clear that the pain of surrendering her crown as the queen of mixed martial arts still affects her deeply and in that sense, her new arena of the WWE, with its pre-planned fights and story lines, is a flawless fit.

"My parents expected me to be special, so I expected to be special", she said.

Rousey has been out of the fight game for two years after suffering devastating losses in her last two bouts under the UFC banner.

'We live in an age of trial by Twitter, ' Rousey added. 'I was just trying to create the job I wanted, and I wouldn't have the audacity to do that if my mom didn't tell me I could. "What is really gained by stating an opinion on anything?" It gets cut and pasted 10 times and it's in [a] headline...

'(Famous people) keep more and more of it to themselves. I believe hearing me speak is a privilege, and it's a privilege that's been abused, so why not revoke it from everyone?

'But one thing my mother never taught me was how to lose. "I thought I would never say this, but I'm so happy I lost those fights because it led me here".

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times this week, Rousey responded to those who say she didn't pay her dues when she entered the company, given that her debut match as one of the headlining matches for WrestleMania 34. "It deserves to suck'".

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