All-New Google News for iOS Download Hits the App Store

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 16, 2018

Opening the app brings up the tailored "For You" tab which acts as a quick briefing, serving up the top five stories "of the moment" and a tailored selection of opinion articles and longer reads below it. It works as you'd imagine, letting you mark out preferred topics, news sources and locations to filter your reads.

While the new app launched on Android a few days ago, it was added to the App Store for iOS on 15 May and is available in 127 countries around the world.

Google replaces its Play Newsstand app on iOS with its reworked AI-powered News app. You can sort by the latest stories, as well as topics such as business, technology, sports, science, entertainment, and health.

Filtering the news manually seems like a mammoth task at times, so the AI element of Google News aims to learn from what you read to serve you a better content selection as time passes.

"Favourites" is a way for users to customise Google News without the use of AI.

The app divides everything into four sections, with the first one being "For You", which is the top 5 reports the artificial intelligence determines to be of value to the user. Developers pointed out that all the listed media organizations support the Google AMP standard, which means the app will not open a mobile browser but deliver the content within the app instead. The page also contains featured content based on the topics you love.

Google News for iOS comes at a time when Apple is putting an increasingly heavy focus on its own Apple News app.

"Newsstand" aggregates media and will eventually offer thousands of magazine titles users can follow by subscribing to or selecting a start icon. The program was fully reimagined, made to take care of the ever-evolving way we have information, and leveraging existing AI and machine-learning technologies to make a personalized and curated encounter.

Android version of the app is already out for Google's platform.

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