Cliff Bleszinski Shares Unused Game Ideas from Boss Key

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Mag 16, 2018

Cliff Bleszinski announced only few hours ago that he was shutting Boss Key Productions down. LawBreakers was a well-crafted arena shooter that seemed to be overshadowed by Overwatch at every turn and Radical Heights attempted to quickly cash in on the Battle Royale insane through neon lights and an 80s style. Recently, he took it to Twitter to talk about the project ideas and game pitches that he had made to studios and also shared concept art for them.

A Mario Kart-themed racing and VR title that was supposed to be a spiritual successor to Toobin. He added, "You could drink (ginger) beer for health, crush cans on your head, or shake up full ones for AOE attacks".

DragonFlies, for example, would have had samurais riding dragons, and they would have been fighting zombies.

Cliff Bleszinski releases concept art for unreleased games

Another concept was known internally as DragonFlies offered a PvE experience in a Japanese-inspired FuedalPunk world. According to Bleszinski, it would have been "for dragon riding what Halo did for vehicles". (...) you'd find dragon eggs, hatch them, and raise them. While the studio had loads of talent and passion, its games were never able to gain any traction with fans. Bleszinski said the team aimed to learn from the "mistakes" of games like Scalebound and Lair. "The air in the world's fiction was toxic so any leaks on your walker you'd have to fix quick or get gas masks on etc".

Ultimately, the main reason why these games stayed as concepts instead of active projects is that the publishers either thought the ideas were too out there or too similar to things that already existed.

"One problem with publishers, generally?" Bleszinski went on to say that as a business owner, he certainly respects that decision, but as a creative, it was incredibly frustrating.

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