The new AI-powered Google News app is now available for iOS

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Mag 16, 2018

Some users complained about the display looking tiresome, so Google added a new color mode. Google is set to announce additional capabilities to its voice-enabled Google Assistant that are meant to make the product more interactive and helpful at accomplishing tasks, the person said, and will introduce new tools for publishers to help surface authoritative search results.

I've been excited to see Assistant's perpetual growth - especially on phones - and Google I/O gave us announcements that will bring Assistant closer to the personalized personal assistant that we've been dreaming of.

While Google is open about the fact that it uses location information in apps like Maps, the company is not so forthcoming about monitoring location information when these services are not being used. They also argue that that despite Google's characterization of the feature as "opt-in", their investigation of the service "found that the consent process frequently mischaracterizes the service and degrades the functionality of products in order to push users into providing permission".

While staying undercover, the malicious app has a background service that constantly checks the device's network connectivity status.

According to ZDNet, Google has also revamped the way users navigate their smartphone.

Android P is packed with new features, many of which are created to make the software more intuitive to use. The duplex also features six new voices including that of John Legend. Sunrise reported that there are over 10 million Android users in Australia.

Google makes it easier to manage calls and message on Wear watches
The new AI-powered Google News app is now available for iOS

This has been discovered in the previous version of Android P released for developers.

So, if you have the models mentioned above, then you're ready to proceed on how to install the Android P 9.0 update. The upcoming Android version will be available for a few Android phones only from Google, Essential, Sony, Nokia, etc.

Sure this is neat for owners of these non-Pixel phones, particularly those that are on the cheaper side, as they can get an early look at Android P if they want. The upcoming phones are likely to have a function to un-pause the feature.

Google Play store is still plagued with rogue apps and malware, according to Symantec.

Before the update, let's say you are about to start a video and you know it may be loud.

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