Uber slows down its growth and Lyft takes advantage of it

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Mag 16, 2018

EMarketer's projections for 2022 show Uber with almost 74% of customers, while its U.S. competitor Lyft continues to grow its market share of ride-hailing customers.

Uber Technologies's growth has slowed after a series of scandals has allowed the main competitor of a shared travel company in the United States Lyft to gain a larger market share. The latest projections are that 48 million adult Americans will use Uber at least once this year, which is 18% more than last, but well below expected 51 million.

EMarketer based its analysis on data from Uber and Lyft, such as trip numbers and app downloads, as well as customer surveys from researchers at JP Morgan and other firms.

Uber did not respond to a request for comment. On Monday, Lyft said it has 35% of the national ride-hailing market, and in 16 USA markets its share exceeds 40%. But in most cases, the driver can't access the base, according to Lyft.

The research firm said it has lowered its forecast for Uber's growth every year through 2021, reflecting the company's competitive disadvantage after last year's problems. Previous predictions were for 44 million users in 2017, but the actual figure was below 41 million.

Even so, Uber remains the dominant USA ride-hailing company. At the end of the year, it will have a market share of about 77% below the 90% of 2016.

EMarketer's projections for 2022 show Uber with almost 74% of customers and Lyft with 59% of ride-hailing customers.

Among other programs, Lyft also works with the United Services Organization, to help military veterans, and the program No One Left Behind, which works to help Afghan and Iraqi interpreters who have come to the US after helping the USA military during the American wars in their countries. Uber operates across the globe, although it has retreated from Southeast Asia, Russia and China after losing billions of dollars competing with local rivals.

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