Elon Musk received the first Russian self charging iPhone X

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Mag 17, 2018

The gold plated handset, inspired by Musk, Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla, has its own solar panel to keep the battery topped up.

The phone is engraved with the phrase "Made on Earth by humans" - the same phrase Musk had printed on the circuit board of the Tesla Roadster he sent into space aboard SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. Not too sure if he's signed off on the use of the Tesla name for this product, though. The case is noticeably thicker that the unincumbered iPhone. In the words of Apple Insider, "The increased thickness from the original's 7.7mm to 16.2mm is large enough that the rear camera bump is now a recess". This is innovative innovation'.

High end Russian accessory maker, Caviar, has unveiled its latest custom iPhone X.

Bright lamps will also provide some charge.

Caviar claims that the case is made of carbon fibre and even with the additional solar panel, the entire assembly is claimed to offer IP67 resistance to water and dust. This phone gets power literally from the air!

Specifically, you'll need to generate close to $3600-worth of power to justify the cost of the 'Tesla' case, which comes complete with a 64GB iPhone X for $4600. This is the cleanest energy for which no cost is required.

The development in the sphere of creating solar batteries, smart homes, equipped with such batteries and vehicles working on the electricity, is actively carried out by Elon Musk today - the main mastermind of the Tesla Company; in honour of his great innovative developments, the new Caviar phone was named.

What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a phone case?

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