Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 17, 2018

Besides making Stories more appealing to those who don't have much storage to spare, it also makes it easier for people who share devices with family members, according to Facebook.

Save photos and videos for later Facebook users will now be able to save the photos and videos taken through Facebook camera to the social networking platform. This will help users with entry-level devices that have limited storage to keep space free on their devices.

Nearly as an afterthought, Facebook is also adding voice posts, which allows the camera-shy to make fun updates without having to put on makeup first. The saved clips also mean you can share them when you're in a more connected area if your signal is too poor to upload them right away. This feature is available on Facebook for Android for now. For some people, photos and text are not the most effective way to communicate. Note that only you can see your archived Stories unless you choose to share them to your Stories again or post them on your News Feed. Several feature additions set to roll out in the next few months, however, may put Facebook's version in a league of its own.

The next feature that facebook is adding is the ability to create and share audio as a voice post on Facebook Stories.

It's not exactly a trade secret that the best things about both Facebook's and Instagram's Stories were copied from Snapchat.

WhatsApp Stories now counts 450 million daily active users, while Instagram Stories has racked up 300 million daily active users. This is the first time it is launching product updates from the Indian market.

Since then, it has released a number of updates to try and attract more users to the product.

Facebook is rolling out three new features for Stories.

Facebook appears to be strengthening its focus on the Stories platform as it appears the communication method shows no signs of becoming any less popular. The difference between their archives and Facebook's is the latter automatically saves your Stories, so you'll never lose pics you wanted to save.

When someone has an unseen story, their profile picture will be circled with a colourful ring. There is no word if the feature is coming to iOS users or not.

The feature becomes slightly more important as this is being rolled out in India first and will only be gradually available to users in other countries.

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