Free skin screening for skin cancer awareness month

Modesto Morganelli
Mag 17, 2018

May is skin cancer awareness month and dermatologist say ultra violet damage from the sun can even come through on a cloudy day.

"I was awful like a young person, I went to the solarium, I put on baby oil, laid in the sun", told Byrd. "So now my children have sunscreen", told Byrd.

About eight years ago, she noticed rashes and bumps on her body and began having skin cancer screenings twice a year. But we all can be affect by skin cancer. It is not metastasized but it can spread on the skin. "And so, we treated it in the office and about six months later, I went back for my checkup and had not gotten better, and so at that point I had a Mohs surgery where they went in took everything out, closed everything up and I do have that evaluated every six months", Byrd explained.

"I think you have to know what your skin looks like". Ask a loved one to help you check the parts you can't see yourself.

Dr. Hope Mitchell, Board Certified Dermatologist says "It's important, when we detect skin cancer, just like any other cancer in its earliest stages, we have a much greater survival rate".

Oncology Outreach Manager Christin Braddock works closely with dermatologists at Cone Health Hospital. She has also entailed in patient contact by many free carcinogens Cone Health offers this month.

Skin cancer is already the most common form of cancer in the United States. "It is also the most preventable. A 30 is going to protect against 97 percent and a 50, 99 percent", Braddock said.

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