Karnataka Governor invites Yeddyurappa to form government in the state

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Mag 17, 2018

It was not long ago that the two leaders made scathing personal attacks on each other during the election campaign.

After seeking the high command's nod, he sent some of his confidantes to meet Gowda and convey to him the party's wish to be part of a coalition government with the JD (S).

However, minutes after the trends were telecast on TV channels, the two leaders patched up and posed for cameras together. For, the salience of the Karnataka election result is that if only the Congress and the JD (S) had forged a pre-poll alliance, the BJP would have been decimated in Sunday's poll. In Manipur too, the Governor did not give chance to the single largest party, the Congress to prove its majority. If rumours are to be believed, it is already underway with BJP trying to coax half a dozen Lingayat MLAs from both Congress and JD (S) to liaise with them.

As the alliance was agreed upon, the Congress was asked to join the government and offered the post of Deputy Chief Minister and some ministers. And India's 2019 general election is largely expected to be less a national poll than an accretion of 29 state-wide polls. The BJP has won 104 seats, the Congress 78 and JD (S) 37. Mayawati, in fact, addressed four rallies jointly with JD (S) leaders during the campaign.

He thanked the voters of the Karnataka state. The Congress-JD (S) combine adds up to 115. The alliance now has enough seats to claim a majority stake in the Assembly seats and form the government, which looks like the most likely outcome now. The allegation was, however, repeated by outgoing chief minister Siddaramaiah, who accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of encouraging horsetrading so the BJP returned to power. The Congress stood decimated, said political pundits.

Speaking at the press conference, Kumaraswamy said that there was no question of him joining or supporting the BJP.

Dividing Hindus has clearly backfired for Congress and they must be aware of it as far strategizing for Lok Sabha Elections is concerned. "So, I am going with Congress". "Let us all gather on this happy occasion", MLA Suresh Kumar said in a tweet. Similarly, what is our strategy with Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar?

"We have submitted the necessary documents which show that we have the numbers required to form the government". Siddaramaiah has lost Chamundeshwari and the Congress party has been routed by the people.

Vala's invitation was in response to Yeddyurappa's letter earlier in the day, in which he informed the former that he was elected as the BJP legislature party leader in the southern state.

The NCP, DMK and Left agreed with the idea of a flexible Congress allying with regional forces against the BJP. "There is only one way a party which got 104 will get 113".

The BJP bagged 104 seats, a gain of 64, while the Congress notched 78, a loss of 44 seats, though its vote share was almost two percentage points more than the BJP. The problem with the party is that they want everything. It would have helped them in 2019. Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said Vala can not take a decision which is against the Constitution.

This was evident in how the BJP swept Bombay Karnataka and Central Karnataka regions dominated by Lingayats. A prior understanding with the JD (S) would have worked better...

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