Legislation to legalize sports betting expected in 2019

Paola Ditto
Mag 17, 2018

The court determined that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was unconstitutional, which could lead to a wide expansion of legal, regulated, single-game sports betting in the United States. Hockey is among the games being broadcast on 47 flat screens above while gamblers sit in leather seats to watch and strategize.

The Surpeme Court struck down a 26-year-old federal ban on sports betting on Monday, allowing states to decide whether they want to allow legal wagers on football, basketball, baseball, hockey and other games. And while that means more competition for Las Vegas, casino executives and longtime bookmakers in Nevada are welcoming the decision.

Lertzman says he's aiming for the November 2019 ballot, and he says he'll still beat state lawmakers to the issue.

"We're looking at it from the vantage point of we're going to provide the services the same as we have previously, however there will be more attention that we're looking to bring to the area of sports and sports gambling", said Alia Lucas, Program Specialist in MDHHS" Gambling Disorder Prevention and Treatment Services Section. "But it's still really too early to be able to see what the total impact is here".

Sturm is referring to the millions of people already betting online. And with the exception of 2014, gaming revenues have increased every year for more than a decade.

Are there any other states where people will be allowed to bet?

"I love when they say record-breaking handles, which means people are involved and still into it", Baffert said. A person wouldn't have to be at the track to place a bet, but they would have to be within the state of West Virginia.

Ernie Stevens Jr., chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, said the group has been preparing tribal governments for sports betting with listening sessions outlining internal regulations and negotiations of state gambling compacts.

But he'll still head to Las Vegas for the experience: golf, cards, slots, shows, restaurants. "Instead of managing a hedge fund for stocks, you can mange one for sports betting". Originally, it included a provision to legalize sports wagering, but it was removed.

"We've got some time to try wrap our heads around it and find out if it's something we want to do and if so, how to do it", said the Republican, who expects to hear all sides by the time the legislature convenes in January. "Were cannabis to be descheduled, the ruling would permit the states to police activity within their own borders like gambling or safe and responsible cannabis consumption without further federal regulation or interference".

"And yet Nevada has grown through that period of time", he said.

"The traditional view of the casino industry is starting to evolve, but it will be viewed much differently five years from now and this will be a major reason why", he said. (You're more likely to be hit by lightning.) It is true these games can be as addictive as any other form of gambling. But it seems probable that states that already have other lotteries might now expand to sports-related lotteries.

In their initial reactions, many organizations appeared eager to leap into an industry they believe promises a new infusion of cash.

"It's a big pot", he said. Monday's decision by the Supreme Court could have a broader reach than just sports betting alone.

During a conference call with reporters, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said there had been preliminary discussions with MA officials.

It is not unusual for there to be 500 different betting lines on a single game, it said, before pointing out that even Britain's Queen Elizabeth is known to "fancy a flutter".

Will I be able to bet on the Raiders once they get here? Countless laws are in place not just to protect us from our own most sinister ideas but also to merely shield us from our mediocre collective judgment.

"I think the ruling will change public opinion", he said.

All day, Vaccaro has been in meetings discussing the decision.

When Pennsylvania passed a law allowing online market in 2017 it practically doubled to 25 million the number of American citizens who have access to online poker and casinos. But bookmakers adapt, he says.

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