Pompeo seeking 'strong cooperation' with Europeans on Iran

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 17, 2018

However he admitted that the choice by Donald Trump to withdraw the USA and slap new sanctions on Iran would have penalties for United Kingdom corporations working there. In a separate interview on CNN's "State of the Union", he said Iran's economic condition is "really quite shaky", so the impact of sanctions "could be dramatic". We need to wait and see what China will do, what Japan will do. Instead, they were working to keep Iran in the deal at all and find ways to compensate Tehran for doing so.

"I believe it's a good start".

The exit drew swift criticism from the deal's other signatories, including USA allies in Europe who'd tried for weeks to convince Trump to remain on board and said they plan to keep their commitment to the deal.

Iran has been moving ahead to build nuclear weapons.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acknowledged that the Iran nuclear deal "certainly has weaknesses" but says it should be preserved.

U.S. sanctions on Iran will have a six-month period during which buyers should "wind down" oil purchases, meaning any loss of supply will not be immediately felt in the market. "We don't have much to threaten the Americans".

We can confidently bet that this timely message was also directed to long-suffering North Korean people. In the meantime, and with technical support from cash-starved North Korea, they can continue to develop advanced ICBM delivery systems, along with hundreds of thousands more missiles targeted on Israel from Syria. But even assuming that he is right, what evidence is there that Iran would agree to terms more favorable to the United States after we left an existing agreement when, at the very least, they have support from Russian Federation and China?

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"Remember how badly Iran was behaving with the Iran Deal in place", he said.

Those who are opposed to US imperialism and all global and regional imperialist forces, need to express their support for progressive and revolutionary forces that are speaking out within Iran's labor, feminist, student and intellectual opposition movement.

"For the first time, Iran has the chance to show the world they are not the rogue nation they are always presented as, that they negotiated in good faith and keep to their commitments", said Karim Emile Bitar of the Institute for global and Strategic Studies in Paris.

"If I can use the metaphor that some raised around the table, we all have a relative in intensive care and we all want to get him or her out of intensive care as soon as possible", she said.

Mogherini, who as the EU's top diplomat chaired the final stretch of 12 years of negotiations to clinch the Iran accord in July 2015 in Vienna, said: "We will all save it together".

Big losers are Iran's economically-distressed citizens, along with all others - including Israeli - who seek peaceful, secure lives for their families. "A lot depends on what we can do within the next few weeks".

Even if Pompeo is successful in getting the European members of the deal and the United States back on the same page, there is no reason to believe that Iran (which successfully recouped funds that were frozen under the sanctions regimen, has the Europeans anxious to preserve the deal and has China and Russian Federation on its side) will give up more than it did before.

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