RED's Hydrogen One will be available at AT&T and Verizon this summer

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Mag 17, 2018

Verizon has just announced it will carry the RED Hydrogen One, world's first holographic smartphone. It's likely we'll see these two variants see the light of day this summer as well.

It's still not precisely clear when the Red Hydrogen One will finally appear. (For its part, Verizon would only it's offering the phone later this year.) Red, which specializes in digital cameras, posted last month that the Hydrogen One's launch had been pushed back to August, though it also said the final date would be determined by its carrier partners. While not yet shown off to the public, those who have seen it in action claim that it's the next big thing.

When will it come out?

Red also says that the Hydrogen One will be a modular phone, capable of adding on accessories - most of which sound like they'll be geared toward adding to the camera's capabilities. However, the shift to launching on Verizon may push its release further into 2018 - or, who knows, cut it shorter.

In May, however, it was reported the smartphone with a holographic display had been displayed as RED worked to include even more features. According to previous communications from Red's CEO, this phone will pack in some 2017 tech, like the Snapdragon 835. Now, we have a few more details about availability.

As for what this means for the global audience, we're not sure.

AT&T confirmed as well that it will sell the RED Hydrogen One "later this summer".

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