Securus, A Tracking Service For Police, Is Hacked

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 17, 2018

Securus, a phone geolocation service used mostly by police, has been the victim of a hack, according to Motherboard.

Government departments and law enforcement authorities from different cities and counties were affected by the hack, which also revealed login information for users with roles such as "prison captain" and "deputy warden".

Last Thursday, The New York Times revealed that Securus Technologies, which monitors calls to USA prison inmates, has been used by a former Missouri sheriff to monitor people's phones and track their location.

The hacker, according to Motherboard, was able to get away with, at a minimum, a spreadsheet containing 2,800 logins and poorly encrypted passwords, some of which had already been cracked.

The company gathers phone location data from telcos, including AT&T, Sprnt, T-Mobile an Verizon, Motherboard adds, sourcing The New York Times. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) given the nature of the firm's business.

"If this account is true, it demonstrates, yet again, that Securus is failing cybersecurity 101, in total disregard for the privacy of the Americans whose communications and private data it should be protecting", he said, criticizing the offer of warrantless tracking as both "abusive and potentially unlawful".

Securus did not respond to requests for comment.

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