Done a runner: 100 Commonwealth Games athletes missing

Paola Ditto
Mag 18, 2018

Visas for about 6,000 foreigners who attended the Queensland games expired earlier this week but athletes and support staff, mostly from African countries, are still at large, prompting the government to threaten a manhunt.

Liz Huang Hughes-Brown is a migration agent with Welcome Legal and spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Dan Bourchier and Adam Shirley about how the visiting athletes have applied for and been granted bridging visas.

"There may be some who have legitimate claims to make, and they will have been granted a bridging visa for different reasons", Mr Dutton said.

"There's enforcement action underway by the Australian Border Force to try and bring those they know are here outside the conditions of their visas into detention centres so they can be deported".

"Then we can determine if it's a legitimate claim and whether we owe protection under our worldwide obligations".

Back in April, we heard that at the conclusion of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games that 8 athletes from Cameroon had gone missing.

After the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, 26 athletes and officials sought asylum in Australia.

He goes on to urge people to focus less on the exact numbers, and more on the process Australia has for assessing claims for asylum, noting his belief that pollies bandying around blanket threats of deportation are just "playing politics". Among them were Cameroonian weightlifters Francois Etoundi and Simplice Ribouem, who were both granted refugee status and have competed for Australia since.

Visas for the Commonwealth Games expired on Tuesday night.

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