Sweden Distributes Pamphlets about 'Doos' and 'Don'ts' in Global War Threat

Brunilde Fioravanti
Mag 22, 2018

"If Crisis Or War Comes" is an update of the "If War Comes" booklet last released in the 1980s and first produced during the Second World War. Sweden has accused Moscow of repeatedly infringing on its airspace and territorial waters - claims the Kremlin dismisses as "Russiaphobia".

Sweden remained a neutral country during the World War II and has not been at war for 200 years.

The Swedes are advised to stock non-perishable food, water bottles, warm clothing and sleeping bags. "If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country as a whole to cope with a major strain".

The publication comes as the debate on security has intensified in Sweden in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014.

'The military situation has deteriorated in Europe in recent years and Russian military capabilities are increasing and will continue to increase, ' the commission chairman Bjorn von Sydow, a former Social Democrats defence minister, said at the time.

The brochure starts with a message, "Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence".

"However, as the world around us has changed, the Government has chose to strengthen Sweden's total defense".

Elsewhere in the pamphlet, residents are told what to do in the event of a terror attack, with the booklet saying: "Put your mobile on silent and do not call anyone who may be in the danger area. Do not share unconfirmed information online or in any other way".

The brochure - published by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) - explains how to secure food, water, heat, and communications supplies when public services are not working properly.

"There's also an information deficit in terms of concrete advice, which we aim to provide".

In recent years there has been renewed discussion in Sweden about joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance, and the country has reversed military spending cuts, conducting its largest military exercises in more than two decades in September.

The booklets are being sent out to all 4.8 million Swedish households ahead of the country's Emergency Preparedness Week, which begins on 28 May.

The creators of the misleading leaflets about the necessity of readiness to repel different types of attacks against Sweden and note that even now, against the country perpetrated the attacks and attempts to influence the opinion of citizens through the spread of false information.

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