LA Times Site Down Across Europe As New Privacy Laws Take Effect

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 25, 2018

For the first time, EU data protection law will apply to companies with no business establishment in the EU when they either monitor the behaviour of EU residents or offer goods or services to them.

A recent report by Crowd Research Partners found that 60 per cent of businesses affected by the GDPR felt they were unable to get everything prepared for today.

A group that campaigns for data protection rights in Europe says it's filed legal complaints against Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp over the way they obtain users' consent under new European Union privacy rules.

It gives us significant empowerment over whether, how, and when our data is used.
There are provisions in there mandating that companies think about privacy from the ground up. Account holders can send an email at [email protected] for this objective. While the aim is to spark competition in a sector traditionally ruled by banks, the financial industry says they're at a disadvantage because technology firms aren't subject to the same requirements.

The rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation has been welcomed but is also causing confusion.

Some American news publishers are struggling with Europe's new stringent privacy rules.

"They'll be depending on their corporate customers (who could be considered the controllers) to gain appropriate consent or have other GDPR-reasonable causes for data processing".

Chairman of the watchdog, Max Schrems, even draws parallels between Facebook's actions and North Korea's election process: "Facebook has even blocked accounts of users who have not given consent".

Since the dawn of the internet, companies have been gathering as much data as possible on anyone they can.

An Indian call center handling customer services for companies that sell products in Europe or a United States website tracking browsing histories of Europeans will be impacted. Some are obvious, such as to fulfill contractual obligations - for instance, when an insurer pays out a claim.

Bonanza Project Director Amy Bell
Bonanza Project Director Amy Bell

There are six legal bases for using personal data, including getting express consent from consumers.

"If the complainants come, we will be ready", she said.

Indeed's data also highlights a high level of interest in the field among the age group of 26-30 years. "In a lot of cases they don't need this consent", said Willem Debeuckelaere, Belgian data protection chief and deputy chair of the newly created European Data Protection Board that will coordinate privacy enforcement across Europe.

The right to be forgotten, meaning all data about someone can be deleted. Paul was up late last night making changes and we think we've got there.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that most of the companies to which you've subscribed in the past have started sending you emails to agree to their new data processing terms.

"The problem for banks and payment service providers is that if we are non-compliant with GDPR, which could be triggered by compliance with PSD2, we have to potentially pay up to 4 percent of global turnover as a fine", said Wandhoefer. That's an incentive for companies to take these rules seriously. The rules apply to all companies that do business in the European Union - not just ones that are based there.

But it's an open question how the rules will affect visitors to Europe. In that we give you the option to select which cookies you want to opt-in to - more detailed information on our cookie policy is here.

Digital advertising is an important source of income for many news organizations, particularly as print readership and advertising fall, but policymakers in Europe argue the practices have become intrusive and ripe for abuse, with personal information shared far beyond what most people realize.

Meanwhile complaints were filed against USA tech giants within hours of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect.

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