PlayStation Classic Being Internally Considered at Sony

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Mag 26, 2018

The hardware isn't especially expensive to produce, the software has already been developed, and there's never a shortage of nostalgia in the gaming community. And yet, other than the continued production of Sega's Flashback consoles, we haven't seen anything.

Sony has dropped hints that it may be retroing the original PlayStation from 1993 in an interview between Sony President and CEO John Kodera and Mantan Web. He stated that the company was mulling over the idea of making a PlayStation Classic.

"Our company is always digging up past assets", said Kodera in the translation.

So while nothing may actually come out of those discussions, a PS1 retro console certainly sounds like a no-brainer. While this isn't the best selling game on the platform, it would put it in the top 20 (according to VGChartz). Modern gamers simply can't access these classic titles on their new consoles, so why not give them a way to buy the games while Sony makes a huge profit?

Now that we're just over a month away from launch, the numbers for the first month are in.

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