Bison gores woman in Yellowstone’s 3rd recent animal attack

Rodiano Bonacci
Giugno 8, 2018

A California woman was gored by a bull bison in what was the third attack by an animal at Yellowstone National Park just this week.

In early May, a bison rammed and slightly injured a woman in Yellowstone, officials said at the time. Hancock received a hip injury as a result of the attack and was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Big Sky, Montana, according to the release.

Kim Hancock, 59, of Santa Rosa, was in a crowd of people walking along a boardwalk at Fountain Paint Pot in the Lower Geyser Basin when the attack occurred, according to a statement from Yellowstone.

When the bison crossed the boardwalk, it became agitated and charged at the crowd and gored Hancock. At one point, officials say, some people were within 15 feet of the animal.

She is now in good condition and the incident remains under investigation. Park officials could not say whether it was the same elk.

A crowded boardwalk in the Lower Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park on August 18, 2015. A year ago there were five bison attacks in the park. The startled animal head-butted her off the path. There was also one a year ago and five in 2015.

Four people have been injured by wildlife at Yellowstone in the last month or so, park officials said.

'Animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be, ' the park's guidelines state. Rangers advise staying at least 25 yards away from animals like bison and elk, the park said. "If you can't maintain these distances, turn around and find an alternate route".

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