Soyuz rocket sends 3 to space station

Rodiano Bonacci
Giugno 8, 2018

The trio is set to dock with the International Space Station's Rassvet module Friday. By comparison, fewer Americans say crewed space missions should be top priorities, with 18% saying that sending astronauts to Mars should be a top priority and only 13% saying the same about the moon.

While human missions to Mars or the moon maintain a high-profile at NASA, and they're also part of the Trump Administration's long term goals for space exploration, public support for such missions is low.

Gerst recently showed himself relaxed about the trip to the ISS in the service of the European Space Agency (ESA) thanks to his experiences on the Blue Dot mission in 2014.

Around half of Americans share the opinion that people will travel routinely to space as tourists over the next 50 years. "An additional external camera is mounted on manned and resupply spaceships, beginning with the Soyuz MS-09 and the Progress MS-09, for visual control (apart from the onboard video control system) during the separation of the third stage from the spacecraft", Roscosmos said in a statement. Interest in orbiting the Earth is greater among younger generations. It may, but most Americans still believe NASA's role will be vital in the future.

Although the media seems infatuated with private companies like Musk's SpaceX, Americans remain traditionally confident in NASA. Forty-seven percent of surveyed Americans expressed a fair amount of confidence that private companies could conduct basic research and increase our knowledge of space. Find us on Facebook too! In this family-friendly event, Col. Bresnik will share his experiences in space, answer questions, and provide an opportunity to take a photo or get an autograph.

Americans weigh in on the space program, lauding NASA's existence as essential.

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