Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Reboot Series Happening at MTV

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 13, 2018

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that MTV is revisiting their Aeon Flux property and is going forward in rebooting the property into a live-action series.

Aeon Flux will, once again, be infiltrating the programming lineup of MTV! Hurd, who produced the live-action Aeon Flux film in 2005, will also serve as an executive producer. Writing the script will be Teen Wolf's Jeff Davis.

The original series, created by animator Peter Chung, first aired on MTV in 1991 as a six-part sequence of shorts that was featured in its Liquid Television experimental animation series, followed in 1992 by five individual short episodes. The film took place 400 years into the future, when disease had wiped out the majority of the earth's population except for one walled, protected city-state, Bregna, ruled by a congress of scientists. The series focuses on the exploits of its scantily-clad titular assassin, who - when not capturing flies with her eyelashes - stealthily battles the forces of an oppressive dictator (who also happens to be her sometime-lover). The movie has a miserable 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and couldn't even make back its $62 million budget at the box office. - Plus, it had the misfortune of a December debut that put it up against Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. But after the critical and commercial disappointment of the big-screen Aeon Flux, MTV is having another go at it - this time, on its home turf.

That said, it's very much of its time, and it'll be a challenge to reboot this in a way that's faithful to Chung's original approach. The chaotic anarchic visuals failed to translate onscreen in the 2005 film, and its mistakes could easily be replicated in the upcoming series, should it not brandish a razor-sharp focus on its aesthetics and madcap characters. This new report also reveals that MTV is getting ready to launch a new studio entirely devoted to monetizing the rest of its library of properties.

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