Google Home Now Supports Multiple Queries and Actions

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Giugno 13, 2018

With there being a number of digital assistants to choose from, each is now focusing on becoming smarter than the competition.

The new ability is a progression from Google Home's understanding of two commands at once. However, Google has now revealed that its Google Home speakers will soon support multiple commands at the same time. However, at least one user says it's working for him in the United Kingdom, so your mileage may vary.

This feature is now only available in English in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Google announced the update on the Made by Google Twitter page.

Google Assistant's biggest selling point is just how smart it is, and on smart speakers that especially shows its value. For some, this was down to a language issue, or being in the wrong country.

With this latest firmware update, though, Google can intelligently recognize these commands.

For Android Police, it was impossible to get Google Home to string together more than two commands - you just need to make sure that they are separated by the word "and". However, you'll probably use something more along the lines of "Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen and turn off the lights in the bedroom".

Previously, asking to "turn off living room and bedroom" when referring to those home control groups simply didn't work.

What this means is that you can say "OK, Google" (or "Hey Google") once, and the Google Home device will listen to the next three things you ask.

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