Net neutrality rules officially repealed in US

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Giugno 13, 2018

Many also feared that without the net neutrality rules in place, the ISPs could start offering its customers "service packages", which would splinter the internet. And in its repeal decision, the FCC explicitly rejects the idea that it has much authority to regulate Internet providers at all.

While the move was supported by the telecom industry, it has faced fierce resistance from others.

Here's what it means and what's really at stake.

"There will be no eulogy today for net neutrality", said Sen.

Even though net neutrality is dead, don't expect to see immediate changes, said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, a digital rights advocacy group. He said the "Restoring Internet Freedom Order" will only improve the internet for users.

"Internet service providers now have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content", Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democratic member of the commission who voted against the repeal, said in an emailed statement Monday.

Paid prioritization: Service providers could not create an internet fast lane for companies and consumers who paid premiums and a slow lane for those who didn't.

The repeal effectively narrows what the federal government would consider a net neutrality violation.

If there's one thing that both sides can agree on, it's that the internet is increasingly central to our lives.

The original rules laid out a regulatory plan that addressed a rapidly changing internet. Under the new rules, internet providers are no longer required to offer equal access to all web content. "So issues that are coming up right now, people are seeing from a very personal perspective". It corresponds closely to the previous federal rule, barring ISPs from blocking or throttling the bandwidth on any legal content, service, app, or device, subject to reasonable network management. It will then be evaluated based on whether or not the activity is anti-competitive.

The Federal Communications Commission voted to overturn the Obama-era regulations in December. Others point out that the FTC, which oversees consumer protection for every corner of the US economy, already has its hands full. He believes the repeal of net neutrality is bad news for most consumers, "Internet service providers, at their whim, can do pretty much whatever they want to you".

A fierce debate has surrounded the concept of net neutrality.

Internet providers could choose to prioritize their own content and services over those of rivals. A small start-up company may not have the financial resources to essentially buy its way into the club that gets preferential treatment - which would make trying to compete with the giants almost impossible. "Those "fast lanes" will put those who won't or can not pay in the slow lane, making the internet a lot like cable TV". Before the FCC passed the net neutrality rules in 2015, there were already reports that Verizon and Comcast were slowing down Netflix, YouTube, and other services.

Many consumer advocates argued that once the rules were scrapped, broadband providers would begin selling the internet in bundles, not unlike cable television packages. Initially, this might be viewed as a positive by consumers looking to save money on their streaming media.

Is there a chance the repeal is, well, repealed?

But here are a few tactics that have been tried before that have drawn scrutiny under the old net neutrality rules.

Markey urged House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to call for a floor vote on a companion bill to the CRA resolution passed by the Senate last month.

"Following the decision to repeal net neutrality, many Americans anxious that the internet would turn into what cable-tv is: a set of options based on price and preference".

Yesterday marked the end of U.S. government rules regarding net neutrality, but the new policy faces legal challenges from individual states, some of which have also developed their own rules on the matter.

This local legislation could lead to a legal showdown, however.

As already noted, today's the day that the FCC's 2015 net neutrality rules are officially eliminated.

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