Seattle tax opposed by Amazon will be likely be rescinded

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 13, 2018

The coalition is glad the "Seattle City Council has heard the voices of the people loud and clear and are now reconsidering this ill-conceived tax", said John Murray, a spokesman with the No Tax on Jobs campaign.

"It is clear that the ordinance will lead to a prolonged, expensive political fight over the next five months that will do nothing to tackle our urgent housing and homelessness crisis", Durkan and the council members said in a statement. The Council is expected to vote on the measure during the meeting, according to Harrell's office. "These challenges can only be addressed together as a city, and as importantly, as a state and a region", Durkan, Harrell and Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw, Debora Juarez, Rob Johnson, M. Lorena Gonzalez, Lisa Herbold and Mike O'Brien said in a statement. "We heard you. Seattle taxpayers can not continue to shoulder the majority of costs, and impacts". Local publications reported the business community gathered enough signatures to assure the measure would be on the ballot.

"We heard you. This week, the City Council is moving forward with the consideration of legislation to repeal the current tax on large businesses to address the homelessness crisis".

The talk among these Seattleites is that regular people getting involved is what gave the city council a wake-up call. The levy proposes a property tax increase to fund K-12 and higher education in a seven-year, $636.7 million package. The so-called "head tax" would have raised roughly $48 million a year for housing and homeless services.

Council President Bruce Harrell sponsored the legislation to repeal a $275-per-employee tax on businesses grossing more than $20 million in revenue. "Business put pressure on the public, and the public put pressure on us". Durkan and council members ultimately praised the legislation as an example of policymaking that heard all sides of the issue and came up with a solution.

The announcement of a pending repeal comes just days before Thursday's deadline for the campaign working to overturn the tax to turn in signatures to qualify the referendum for the November ballot.

Q13 met with McCrary Sunday as she celebrated the No Tax on Jobs group.

"I'm so surprised that the head tax is what did it", said McCrary.

The Chamber of Commerce has convinced the vast majority of Seattleites 1) of the exhausted, old conservative trope that increased levels of human suffering we see in our city is caused by government inefficiency rather than by the Gilded Age level income inequality in Seattle and elsewhere, and 2) that leading first with a regional funding approach, reliant on higher property or sales taxes for all taxpayers, is preferable to resources from those most benefiting from income inequality in Seattle paying their fair share. But even after the council passed the tax, the debate persisted.

"I was pleased. I feel that Seattle City Council are listening to the people", said Moriguchi.

Several Seattle-based corporations, including Amazon, the city's largest employer, publicly spoke out against the head tax in the hours after its passage. The first time was in 2009 during an economic recession. "To put your head down and try to enact a strategy that a lot of people have a lot of problems with". Today, she says the city council may have listened, but it's not enough.

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