Uber will soon be able to tell when a rider is drunk

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 13, 2018

So in an attempt to avoid negative transport experiences for both user and driver, Uber could use this information to determine whether a more experienced or trained driver should be assigned to the user.

Uber's algorithm will weigh a variety of factors from typos, how precisely a user clicks, walking speed and the time of day. A driver set to pick up a particularly tipsy passenger might get a notification on their phone beforehand, or they could be told to meet the rider at the designated location a bit later to give the person more time to get to the vehicle before driving off.

CNN uncovered the patent, called "Predicting user state using machine learning". A majority of the cases involved Uber drivers allegedly exploiting drunk young women who were trying to get home after a night out.

Uber may be working on a new tool that can tell if its users have had a few too many drinks, according to a patent application filed by the ride-sharing company.

The patent application also indicates that the Uber service may change based on the outcome of the data analysis.

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Professor Andre Spicer, from Cass Business School in London, told the Telegraph: 'This opens up the opportunity for drivers to identify drunk passengers and potentially take advantage of it.

'It could mean that they offer different pricey for drunk passengers, which means Uber could take advantage of a users state to charge them more'.

Uber has applied for a patent that will detect drunk passengers with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools.

According to Uber, knowing whether a rider is drunk or exhausted could help prevent issues with a trip.

There are a number of ways Uber plans to identify passengers who may be drunk.

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