Burger King Trolls ‘IHOP’ With ‘Pancake King’ Name Change

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Giugno 14, 2018

Whether the gimmick sizzles or fizzles as a way to generate more traffic after the breakfast hours remains to be seen.

The company known for breakfast already had burgers on the menu, but is adding a line made of Black Angus ground beef.

"Burgers are a quintessential, American menu item so it makes flawless sense that IHOP... would go over the top to create a delicious line-up of quality burgers", said Nevielle Panthaky, the chain's culinary chief. The thought behind the change is still a mystery to pancake lovers.

"We are definitely going to be IHOP", Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP told CNN Money.

Wendy's, which is known for its quick comebacks on Twitter, wasted no time weighing in.

When one Twitter user asked whether Burger King had a grill IHOb could borrow, Pancake King responded with a Taylor Swift-inspired allusion to its new identity.

But White Castle is making some changes too.

"We have a big announcement", read the Phillies' tweet.

Now, keep in mind, when the company announced their transition, they did note in their announcement that the name change wasn't permanent and "just for the time being".

Do you like the name change? Let's be truthful, the general public wasn't talking about IHOP, but now they are.

"Droga5 had originally pitched a campaign based on the idea of 'pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, '" according to Haley.

"This was always meant to be tongue in cheek for us", Rebelez said. "It's a great way for IHOP to get our attention and say 'Hey, we're not just for pancakes!'"

As you no doubt intuitively know, reactions to the ploy have been passionately mixed.

The International House of Pancakes was so excited about the introduction of steakburgers to their menu, they chose to change their whole name. In May, IHOP reported that almost half of its customers come in during breakfast time. The company wanted to capture the strong market that lies between the day and early evening while keeping a hold of its following during breakfast hours, per NPR.

And we imaging the marketing team, in response, was slapping high fives.

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