Samsung to supply 6.9-inch OLED screens to Huawei

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Giugno 14, 2018

That's according to The Bell, which says - quoting display industry sources - that Huawei is now sampling OLED panels of that size from Samsung Display, for use with a phone, and that given the timing it's likely they're headed for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It would become the largest-screen smartphone in the market, which compared to its bigger rivals Samsung Electronics and Apple's new bigger-screen phones later this year. Notably, 6.9 inches is larger enough the dwarf the 6.3-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The device is said to be powered by Huawei's proprietary Kirin 980 chipset, a triple-lens camera arrangement on the back of the phone and an in-display fingerprint scanner. The brief and ridiculous trend of tablets doubling as smartphones was short-lived, and anyone who handled Lenovo's enormous 6.98-inch Phab Plus will know this type of device isn't for those with dainty hands. That is all that the report reveals about the Mate 20.

Huawei's reasoning for such a shocking move apparently has to do with its home market. "China uses a large text area of Chinese characters, consumers prefer relatively big screen to other countries". In sale the device will arrive in late this year. It's now the leading brand there, and wants that status quo to continue. It's worth remembering that Huawei's Mate series usually includes two devices, and the 6.9-inch model may be labeled Pro, and come alongside a slightly smaller phone.

Based on existing reports, the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are believed to be announced by the end of October this year. A Weibo user posted the first round of information about the Mate 20.

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