The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

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Giugno 14, 2018

Sony started off its E3 presentation with a heavy hitter, giving fans a new look at The Last of Us Part 2. The humans who remain are often just as violent, killing each other for supplies and fighting for survival.

The big picture: Crafting a sequel to a game as beloved as The Last of Us is no easy task but judging from what we've seen so far, it looks as though Naughty Dog is certainly on the right path. And that brings us to that kiss. One person in particular catches her eye: an animated woman about Ellie's age with long, black hair tied up in a bun, her face glistening with sweat as she gallops around the dance floor with a young man. This particular snippet framed a stealthy creep-and-kill sequence as a flashback Ellie flashes through while she wrestles with her sense of identity during a community dance.

Unfortunately, there's still no release date for The Last of Us Part II. The game has been described as still linear, but the environments are purportedly larger, as Naughty Dog has said it wants to erase the traditional separation between combat and exploration areas. "We say "engaging". It needs to be engaging".

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