McDonald's announce rollout of paper straws in its United Kingdom and Ireland restaurants

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 20, 2018

McDonald's has announced that it will complete its transition to paper straws in Ireland and the 2019.

"We do not have any further details to share at this time on the tests in other markets including the USA later this year", a McDonald's spokesperson told The Daily News. "The company, which advised shareholders to reject the proposal, said it was already undertaking such work".

According to A Strawless Ocean, Americans use over 500 million plastic drinking straws a day. Most people do not necessarily use the straws when it comes to gulping a soft drink. A 2015 YouTube video of a turtle whose head was impaled by a plastic straw has been watched more than 27m times.

McDonald's has become the latest corporation to impose a ban on plastic straws.

Transcend Packaging, based in Wales and Northern Ireland based Huhtamaki has been named the key supplier for the new paper straws.

Speaking of social media, a 2015 video of a Costa Rican sea turtle with a straw up its nostril has drawn almost 28 million views of its original posting and has been widely distributed, lending impactful visual support to the cause.

It's a seemingly small, but environmentally significant move.

"Not everyone is a fan of the change".

Because plastic straws are tiny and don't easily biodegrade, they can commonly slip through the cracks of a city's waste-recycling process, clogging ponds, rivers, and oceans. Transcend Packaging, the owner and operator of the new plant, has already reached out to 1,361 McDonald's restaurants throughout the United Kingdom.

McDonald's and other fast-food chains are facing increasing pressure from environmental agencies. For example, "McDonald's, bless them, understood the massive difference to the environment", said Varney, and embraced the paper straw for the company's public image and the good of the environment.

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