Trump talks tariffs, accuses Canadians of smuggling U.S. goods home

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 20, 2018

While addressing the National Federation of Business in Washington, Trump told the crowd that Canadians are resorting to smuggling USA goods to avoid tariffs.

"People living in Canada are coming to the United States and smuggling things back into Canada because the tariffs are so massive..."

Trade frictions between the United States and Canada have been particularly strained in recent weeks, with Trump taking umbrage at remarks by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that were critical of the heavy US tariffs.

Trump claimed that in order to avoid paying USA tariffs on goods, such as shoes, we are literally just wearing them across the border and passing them off as old.

According to Trump Canadians "buy shoes and they wear 'em. They scuff 'em up, they made 'em sound old or look old".

Trump recently escalated his feud with Canada, blasting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the recent Group of Seven meeting in Quebec, calling him "very dishonest & weak". They're our great neighbor.

"We have to change our ways, we can no longer be the stupid country, we have to be the smart country", Trump said.

Trudeau has promised to retaliate against steel and aluminum tariffs the US has put on Canada's metals industries.

"Canada's not going to take advantage of the United States any longer", Trump said.

Post reporter Isabel Vincent, a native of Canada, had written a story in Sunday's paper expressing her skepticism that Canadians would boycott American goods - and cited her, her family's and her friends' experiences buying lower-cost shoes, clothing and other items and sneaking them back across the border to avoid tariffs.

Trump said is was 'one of the worst deals ever made by this country.' He added: 'We're trying to equalize it. So basically that's a barrier without saying it's a barrier. "It's not easy but we're getting there", the president said.

As part of NAFTA renegotiations, Washington wants Ottawa to expand these waivers to encourage Canadians to spend more in the US.

Trump has angered Canada with his protectionist rhetoric, and has threatened to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in favor of a new bilateral trade deal.

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