Toxic Giant hogweed plant,causing blindness and third-degree burns discovered in Virginia

Rodiano Bonacci
Giugno 21, 2018

"There have been reports from VDOT of sightings of Giant Hogweed in the Staunton area and Middlesex County", they said. "Don't cut it down unless you take extreme care". Earlier this month, Virginia Department of Transportation employees who remembered hearing about the species years earlier reported a bunch growing in Frederick County, the Washington Post reports. Just by touching the plant, people can get third-degree burns and go temporarily blind.

The unsafe Giant Hogweed recently identified in Virginia was "planted intentionally", according to the Virginia Tech researchers who helped identify the plant.

The latest sighting of this GIANT HOGWEED found in Clarke County, Virginia.

Experts like MASSEY HERBARIUM said GIANT HOGWEED is much larger than chunkier leaves.

According to the health department, if someone comes in contact with the toxic plant, it should be immediately washed off with cold water and not come into contact with the sun.

Giant hogweed is on the federal and OH noxious weed lists.

But why would anyone plant it?

Touching giant hogweed can also lead to long-term sunlight sensitivity, and blindness if sap gets into a person's eye.

Giant hogweed seeds are dispersed across short distances by the wind, but they can make it further if they are accidentally transported in soil.

The site also mentions pruning off the flowers before the seeds mature-again, only useful for small stands-and "cutting and covering"-cutting the plants back to the ground, then covering the ground with plastic bags and mulch".

We've all heard of poison ivy, but another poisonous plant popping up in states across the southeast is making headlines this week for these painful blisters and scars. Your skin can remain sensitive to sunlight for many years after exposure as well. When these chemicals come into contact with human skin, it can cause a reaction that makes skin extremely sensitive to light. If you must touch giant hogweed, wear disposable rubber gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers.

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