Detroit suburb applies mosquito control briquettes to catch basins

Modesto Morganelli
Giugno 22, 2018

The sample was taken in the Grant County Mosquito Control District 1, which covers the Moses Lake area, including the Moses Lake Sand Dunes and Potholes.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says Wednesday the state saw its first human case of the virus for 2018 in mid-May.

This year, 11 of 102 IL counties have reported positive mosquito samples or birds.

The first human case of West Nile virus in 2017 was reported on July 20, 2017.

Mosquitoes infected with the West Nile virus have been found in Orleans Parish.

This rash of news alerts indicates that the West Nile Virus may once again impact the health of thousands of Americans.

West Nile can also be spread to animals like birds and horses.

Symptoms of W-N-V include fever, headaches, body aches and sometimes skin rash and/or swollen glands. Four out of five people infected with the virus won't show symptoms. About one in 150 will suffer more severe symptoms, including high fever, stupor, disorientation, tremors and convulsions, weakness, paralysis and coma, the health district said.

Avoid places and times when mosquitos bite.

"Although the risk of contracting WNV from an infected mosquito is small, people - particularly the elderly and those with compromised immune systems - should try to reduce their risk", said Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III. It's important to protect yourself from bug bites by wearing loose-fitting long trousers and shirts, boots in heavily wooded areas.

Use mosquito repellent. Read the label and carefully follow instructions. Insect repellents should not be used on children under two months of age. Repellents containing about 25-30 percent DEET work best for adults; use lower concentrations for children.

Make sure screens fit tightly over doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out of homes.

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