Algeria switches off internet connections nationwide during high school exams

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Giugno 23, 2018

Country went on an internet blackout to prevent cheating during exams.

Mobile and fixed internet lines were cut across the country for a total of two hours, to coincide with the start of two separate school tests, AFP journalists in Algiers said. She says Facebook will also be banned every day, all day between 20-25 June.

To stop pupils cheating in Algeria, the government has taken the extreme measure of cutting internet access across the whole of the country during exam time. Benghabrit said while they are "not comfortable" with the decision, "we should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak".

The drastic move comes after questions were leaked online before and during exams in 2016.

Mobile phones and tablets with internet access have now been banned at more than 2,000 exam centres to stop cheating among more than 700,000 students. Each year, the educational experts right before the academic examinations would come out with stringent measures to control cheating menace.

Surveillance cameras and devices to jam mobile phones have also been installed at printing presses that publish the exam, Benghabrit said, in an effort to keep the test under wraps until it hits students' desks.

Past year the government asked the providers to limit access to social networks during the exam period, but it was not enough. The Lebanese non-governmental organisation is now soliciting stories from individuals negatively affected by an exam internet shutdown.

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