Apple AirPower Delayed Until September

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Giugno 23, 2018

Apple has yet again delayed the release of its AirPower wireless charging mat, according to the latest from Bloomberg.

When Apple launched its next-gen iPhone back in September of a year ago, the company also announced a new wireless charger: AirPower. Thanks to their glass backs, these phones can be used with Qi-certified chargers to supply power to your phone via magnetic induction. The AirPower is supposed to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods case simultaneously.

Most recently, a separate report from Digitimes indicated that Apple does intend to drop Lightning connectivity with next year's iPhones, but that it'll be replaced with USB-C. Apple wants to make sure that the charger doesn't overheat. Engineers have also had to add in multiple charging sensors so devices can be placed anywhere on the mat for charging, not just in designated areas - all while working to squash various bugs in the mat's firmware (it utilizes a custom Apple chip running a lite version of iOS).

Given that the technology behind battery charging pads is well established and usually easily duplicated, the report claimed, the problems have arisen from Apple essentially overengineering the device.

Apple had hoped to have AirPower ready to go by June, but now it aims to have the device available in the fall.

"The multi-device charging mechanism is challenging to build because it likely requires different sized charging components for the three types of devices, which would all overlap across the mat".

As it turns out, Apple was mulling removing the wired charging port on the iPhone X completely and replace it entirely with wireless charging.

Now, word has it we're still months away from AirPower's launch. Plus, Apple would have then also had to bundle a wireless charger in the retail box which would have pushed its production cost up. While there are portable power banks with wireless charging, you definitely can not use them while you are on the move which is possible with wired charging. Apple is reportedly including fast wired charging in their upcoming models. First and foremost, I think battery life needs to see a major improvement before Apple drops physical wired charging altogether.

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