Roseanne Barr apologizes, breaks down in tears over racist tweet on podcast

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 24, 2018

"I was impaired. I don't excuse it", she said.

After the hit Roseanne revival was canceled - and then ABC ordered a spin-off without her involvement - over a racist tweet aimed at former Obama Administration official Valerie Jarrett, Barr has spoken up to share her remorse over the comment that cost her everything.

The former Roseanne star stated that she definitely feels "remorse" for her post that likened Jarrett to a child of "Muslim brotherhood" and "Planet of the Apes", before audibly breaking down in tears.

She revealed that the tweet was written at "two a.m. on Ambien", which Shmuley and Barr agreed was no excuse. But I have to face that this hurt people - and when you hurt people, even unwittingly, there's no excuse, so I don't want to blabber off on excuses. And I regretted it before I lost everything and I said to God, 'I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because I know I've done wrong.' I'm willing to accept what the consequences are. "And I didn't do that", she continued, noting that she has black people in her family. When ABC called me and said, 'What is the reason for your egregious racism?' I said, 'Oh my God, it is a form of racism.

"And if people think that I did that, it just kills me". "People make that mistake about me all the time".

"What I thought I was doing was when ABC hired me. they said I have to get off Twitter", said Barr.

Jarrett had said after Barr's firing that she hoped the incident would turn "into a teaching moment".

"I am so sorry", she says, "that I was so unclear and stupid". "I lost everything." The comedian later added that she doesn't "agree with [Jarrett's] policies", and added that "I thought she was white".

"I've always worked with black women and worked on my racism and their anti-Semitism, we've all done.I've done that since the '60s and you know, it still creeps in", she said.

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