Steam's Intergalactic Summer Sale is here to invade your wallet

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Июня 24, 2018

This year's theme is "The Intergalactic Summer Sale" and while there's the usual trading card bonanza, there's also a game called "Saliens" that looks like it pits various games against each other? One way or another, the PC game deals during the annual sale have a knack for making your money disappear.

The outlet says that Steam users should expect discounts on games such as Hitman, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Dark Souls 3, Total War: Warhammer 2 and more. At the moment, however, Steam seems to be struggling under heavy load (which has become a common feature on day one of these sales), so you might want to wait a little while before diving in.

Oh yes, after last weeks leaks of the achievements coming in this Steam Summer Sale and yesterdays Reddit leak that it will be going live today.

Players may be entered into a draw to win any number of Steam games and may also win a variety of other prizes depending on their level and performance. Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate and Fallout 3: GotY Edition are $10 apiece, and Fallout 4: GotY Edition is $30.

The sale isn't limited to software, either.

Steam, Valve Corporation's immensely popular online gaming platform, now offers you an easy way to see how much you've spent on their distribution service.

Fight off interplanetary invaders as a "Salien" to reap cool rewards during Valve's most recent Summer Sale of 2018, and grab yourself some deeply discounted titles to boot! You can view the whole thing here.

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