Trump order sows confusion on the border — WHAT'S HAPPENING

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Giugno 25, 2018

Meanwhile, it remained unclear how and when more than 2,300 children who have been separated from their parents under President Donald Trump's immigration policy would be reunited.

"It is not a compromise", said House Minority Leader Pelosi. And unless you have been living on another planet for the last few years, you know that 10 Democrats ain't voting for legislation that provides $25 billion in funding for a southern border wall.

"Breaks my heart every time".

"We will cross that bridge if we get to it", he said.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a leading GOP moderate from Florida, shouted on the House floor about the inability of his colleagues to accept the deal. Republicans live in fear of a conservative backlash if they support anything critics deride as "amnesty", while Democrats champion themselves as the welcoming party but live with the regret of doing nothing when they had their chance.

Should it continue to widen, Trump will likely add the trend to his list of presidential accomplishments, to judge from his remarks in 2016, when a Gallup poll showed terrible media-trust levels.

Michelle Brane, a migrant rights director at the Women's Refugee Commission, accused the Justice Department of trying to bypass child welfare laws in its rush to detain migrant families.

Even though Trump has acted unilaterally to stem the family separations, lawmakers still prefer a legislative fix. This spring, Trump instituted his "zero-tolerance" policy, including separating migrant children from their parents at the border. Bob Goodlatte and Michael McCaul, failed Thursday by a vote of 193-231. Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado called for the firing of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, who promoted the policy.

"We're not giving up", said No. 3 House GOP leader Steve Scalise, R-La. The Democratic leaders did not arrive.

This week, congressional Republicans planned to vote on a pair of immigration bills that can't pass the House - for the sake of preventing a vote on a bill that actually could. Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith & Freedom coalition of evangelical voters, added to the drumbeat to end the child separation policy Tuesday, calling on Congress to pass legislation that would end the process as part of a broader immigration overhaul. He told Trump directly that he could not back the bill.

"I think that was inappropriate", Lance said of his party's leader.

Rather than negotiate with congressional Democrats on immigration legislation, President Donald Trump urged his fellow Republicans to abandon the issue until next year.

"The debate on immigration is the same as it ever was". "You need some deterrent so they don't think that anyone who wants to come across the border, as long as they have children, can do so". The House also postponed, likely until next week, a vote on a more moderate bill in order to try to drum up more support. "Those were immediate, important issues".

"I think the president is frustrated like many of us are".

It includes funding for a border wall, along with a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers - immigrants who illegally entered the United States as children.

But on the key parliamentary vote, Durbin fell five votes short. They're willing to work with Democrats to protect the so-called DREAMers.

One major difference is the number of migrants that would be imported via the two rival bills. Only in recent weeks, as moderate House Republicans face pressure at home, has the issue roared back, with failure as the outcome. The Associated Press reported Thursday that six Latino teens had made sworn statements detailing severe abuse they said they endured between 2015 and 2018, under both the Obama and Trump administrations.

But there is "very little trust" on immigration, Cornyn said.

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