‘Woman poisoned food to take revenge on in-laws’

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Giugno 25, 2018

According to reports, this was Survase's second marriage as her first broke allegedly because of another relative, Ulka Shinde who would "cast aspersions on her character", said police. "She could not serve the poisoned dal to her husband, mother-in-law and Subhash Mane as they had already eaten food".

Soon after the dinner, the guests complained of stomach aches and began to vomit incessantly. After eating at the party, over 120 people were hospitalised and five lost their lives on Monday, June 18.

Survase was fed up with the criticism by family members and relatives for her dark complexion and made a decision to kill them all to avenge her humiliation, police said. Seeing their condition, they were rushed to nearby hospitals and police was informed.

Around 200 people had visited the house on Monday, and only those who ate in the evening took ill.

The police found out that they all had eaten the same food at the same event. Later, the food sample was sent for analysis which confirmed the presence of insecticide.

The five who died were Kalyani Shingude, 7, Hrishikesh Shinde, 12, Pragati Shinde, 13, Vijay Shinde, 11, and Gopinath Nakure, 53.

Police questioned those who had served the food and said Survase confessed after being interrogated.

The woman, arrested in the Raigad district on Friday, committed the crime over constant taunts from her husband's family and in-laws over her dark complexion and lack of cooking skills, police said.

Five days later, several victims are still undergoing treatment at the hospital while others have been discharged. She knew that the family would come together for the house-warming function, and carried granules of black poison used to kill snakes.

"Pradnya [Survase] claims that since her marriage two years ago, she has been insulted regularly for her dark complexion and accused of not being able to cook well", Senior Inspector Vishwajeet Kaingade told the Hindustan Times. "Further investigations are on", news agency ANI quoted Raigad Superintendent of Police Anil Paraskar as saying.

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