An academic was interrupted during an interview by his affectionate pet

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Luglio 12, 2018

Polish historian & political scientist Jerzy Targalski was taking part in a very serious interview on political tension in his home country with Dutch television channel Nieuwsuur when his cat made a decision to take some of the limelight.

Despite the fact that pet interfered with the conversation with the journalist, Targalski did not stop and trying to hold the tail arm, he continued the interview.

Rudy Bouma, a reporter for Dutch news show Nieuwsuur, tweeted an outtake from an interview with Jerzy Targalski, a historian from Poland.

In the interview, Dr Targalski spoke about the political situation in Poland, amid a government crackdown on the country's independent supreme court.

Targalski deserves some sort of award for continuing as smoothly as he did even with a cat tail in his face.

Apparently, Targalski is a regular commentator on the show and it's not the first time his puss has gatecrashed an interview.

The news is very bad, but this cat is very good.

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