Apple shares major milestones as App Store closes in on 10th anniversary

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Luglio 12, 2018

"Today, customers in 155 countries are visiting the App Store more often, staying longer and downloading and using more apps than ever before", explains Apple. That may sound risky, given that Android smartphones represent 86% of the market - won't developers bail on the iPhone to focus on the larger Android customer base?

Android provides clearer guidelines, more documentation, and allows more flexibility in terms of design.

Apple has announced its 10 year anniversary of the App Store, which had us reflecting on our favourite apps. The Google-owned operating system dominates the app app market with a 85 percent share. In 2017, almost 86% of all smartphones sold ran Android. Repackaging is the act of an attacker taking a legit app from the app stores, injecting malicious code into it, and then publishing that repackaged, counterfeit app on an app store. But that isn't the case.

MLB At Bat, Tap Tap Revenge, Trism, The New York Times, eBay and Travelocity represented the wide range of apps available from day one, bringing to life an entirely new way to travel, play games, read the news and experience sports right in the palm of your hand.

Nintendo launched "Super Mario Run" in September 2016, and the game has now hit the $60 million earnings threshold. Our games have been played in all seven continents, including Antarctica!

In the Press Release, released by Apple today.

Apart from games, the non-game apps are are of the biggest revenue gainers. I've been writing about Google's Android fragmentation problem for years, but it hasn't improved much.

Hackers like to take advantage when real applications have not been released yet, or when a new feature is expected to be released but has not quite made it to the market. On top of that, Android devices accounted for more than 85% of 2017 global smartphone sales while iOS was in a distant second at 14%. Alongside, software and hardware updates that gives developers motivation to keep evolving their app with Apple's latest and greatest tools.

App Annie ranked the all-time most popular apps and games for iOS by the number of downloads, and revenue, too.

Coming to overall app downloads, Facebook is the most downloaded app both in India and world. Inbox is one of the last apps from Google to get iPhone X support with most of the apps being compatible earlier on this year. Over the past decade, the App Store has created a safe place for users of all ages to get the very best apps and a vibrant app economy for developers of all sizes, from all over the world, to thrive. Ten years! It's hard to believe, but it was July 10th (next Tuesday) that Apple unleashed this world-changing concept. Apple introduced it on July 10, 2008 and at that time there were just 500 apps on board. By June 2010, $1 billion would be paid out to developers from IAP and paid apps.

USA is the largest iOS spender, 'Murica!

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