Google’s Loon and Wing are real Alphabet companies now

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Luglio 12, 2018

Loon and Wing are following the same path taken by the self-driving vehicle company Waymo, which also got its start inside Google X.

Two of Google's best-known flights of fancy, Project Loon and Project Wing, are being hatched from their X incubator to become independent businesses under the wing of Alphabet, Google's holding company.

Both Loon and Wing will "graduate" from Alphabet's secretive research subsidiary dubbed "X".

Another pair of Google's "moonshots" is graduating from the experimental stage into full-fledged companies. They are often referred to as "moonshot" projects. But as of today, they are freestanding "Other Bets" companies under the Alphabet umbrella.

Loon plans to bring high-speed internet to about half the world that still doesn't have it by deploying balloons to the edge of space to increase the area of where signals reach.

Teller said Alastair Westgarth has been named Loon's CEO, while James Ryan Burgess is the CEO of Wing in partnership with Adam Woodworth, Wing's chief technology officer. It has already been testing its delivery service, which travels on a predetermined route to avoid collisions, in the Australian capital Canberra. X has launched key Google functions like Google Brain, the tech giant's deep learning research, though it is also responsible for releasing Project Tango, which has folded since its 2014 launch.

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